5 Reasons To Stop Getting Gray Hair Regarding Kid’s Allergies

Ok we’ve all heard the stereotype of the over concerned parent who fears for their child’s life regarding allergies. I’m not saying that there isn’t a real, true danger for some children. After all, give the wrong kid peanuts and they’re on a quick trip to the hospital.

However, there is a stereotype which I’ve seen many parents adopt somewhat automatically with their children. It’s worth noting that most of these parents are new. As in, they’ve had their first child and they’re making new decisions for the first time. This makes sense why a new parent would be overly cautious with their child.

With that said, here are 5 reasons to stop giving yourself gray hair:

  1. Kids are kids and they’re going to need their own room to grow and learn. There’s nothing worse than disrespecting your child by doing the opposite.
  2. Kids are tough. Have you ever seen a new parent react to a child taking a tumble? Then watch what a veteran parent does and you’ll see how one parent is actually doing their child harm with being overly cautious. Children who are parented in this way also tend to be more negative attention seeking and unable to cope with minor setbacks in life later on.
  3. Stop with the green and organics. Some parents have turned into real sticklers about anything that isn’t organic. Let me tell you what, my parents didn’t care about all that and I’m still here.
  4. Your hair will literally turn gray faster if you choose to let yourself become stressed with non-issues.
  5. You’ll be happier!

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